Chinsali men's microloan group with the equipment purchased by their loan

Our Approach

Our Approach

three:eighteen is a Christian development NGO working in Zambia. We seek to empower individuals and communities with skills, education and business start-up capital so that they are able to support themselves. Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ is core to who we are and we seek to encourage all we work with to grow in faith and love for Him. We have 6 core values:

Empowerment - We believe that God gave us the ability to ‘work with our hands’ (1st Thes 4:11, 2nd Thes 3:12) and as an organisation focus on bringing long term sustainable change by empowering the vulnerable.

Discipleship - We desire that all the people we work with will come to know Jesus and grow in faith & love for Him (Matt 28:19-20).

Church Partnerships - All our work is done through partnerships with local churches and Christian organisations in Zambia who share our values and passion for the vulnerable. Our funds come from the cheerful and generous giving of the global church who delight to partner in the work.

Close Connections - We believe that the different parts of global church should come together and share their lives through working together, fervent prayer, and mutual respect and edification (Romans 12:4-8). We believe it is vital to dialogue with the needy and answer the needs they have and not the ones we think they have.

Cheerful Giving - We believe that the ‘Lord loves a cheerful giver’ (2nd Cor 9:7). We aim to keep our supporters informed so that when giving financially and serving in other ways they will delight in what they are doing.

Accountability - We aim to place resources where they can have the most impact, use them as efficiently as possible and ensure they are always used where intended.

Our Story

Our Story

We started in 2010, born out of a need to support our first partner organisation: the KFT. As opportunity arose we started working with the United Church of Zambia in Chinsali in 2012 and Kapumpe Christian Primary School in 2013.

Meet Our Partners

We work with a number of brilliant partner organisations in Zambia, together using our skills and knowledge to bring empowerment and discipleship.


Chinsali UCZ

Microloans & Secondary Education

Chinsali United Church of Zambia is located in the Muchinga province in western Zambia. We've been working with them since 2012.


Kapumpe & Arise

Primary Education, Secondary Education & Microloans

Kapumpe Christian Primary School was established in 2013 outside Ndola, in Copperbelt province. The Arise programme is closely linked and aims to support vulnerable children and their guardians in the local area.

Meet the Management Committee

three:eighteen is a registered charity in Northern Ireland. Meet the management committee...


Tim Graham


Tim is married to Susie and together they have a son, Elijah. After completing a PhD with the Institute of Cancer Research, Tim started working for a commercial bakery owned by his family. Tim and his family attend Crescent Church in Belfast.


Mark Rogers


Mark is married to the wonderful Hazel and new father to little David. Together they are members of Woodford Hall in Armagh. Mark has worked in a number of accountancy roles and is currently an accountant for Moy Park.


Richard Woodall


Richard lives in Oxford with his wife Clare. After working in a number of journalism and communication roles, Richard is now a freelance writer. They are members of Christchurch Abingdon.


Alex Mateer

Committee Member 

Alex lives in Belfast and is an active member of Willowfield Church. He has worked in a number of commercial finance roles in the FMCG sector before his current role working in a family run wholesale business. He has spent significant time in Zambia, working with three:eighteen.

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